31 March

Earning A Youth Fitness Trainer Certification

Image of a personal trainer working with a client on the National Personal Training Institute website

The youth fitness trainer is an experienced personal trainer who earns an additional certification responsible for helping youth in their physical development and well-being. This 200-hour certification is offered at NPTI Florida to specifically train our youth community. According to the State of Childhood Obesity, roughly one in six youth/children are classified as obese The data from the National Survey Children’s Heath show that in 2019-2020, 16.2% of youth ages 10-17 had obesity. Today’s busy society, complete with fewer home cooked meals and an abundance of time spent in front of the computer, cell phone, gaming console, and Covid-19 pandemic has caused childhood obesity rates to soar.

An accredited school for personal training, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) offers a 200-hour Youth Fitness Certification program to educate and train certified personal trainers to help impact lives both today and far into the future. NPTI Florida is leading the industry with accredited youth fitness education/certification. This youth fitness certification is designed to educate and train industry personal trainers to help children get active and make better lifestyle choices. This program will show how certified personal trainers can motivate, instruct, and coach kids in the elementary school ages level to get fit, improve their overall health, and boost their self-esteem. As a National Personal Training Institute youth fitness trainer, gaining the certification will guide trainers to design and implement creative personal training programs that will provide direction, structure, and strategies to encourage a healthy way of living. Most importantly, however, trainers will ensure that the youth fitness programs implemented are developmentally appropriate and safe for a child’s developing body.

Certified personal trainers who specialize in training our youth know that children require special considerations due to growth and the immaturity of their physiologic regulatory systems. NPTI Florida teaches the fitness standards for youth to include at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, half of which should be vigorous. Youth fitness programs may be implemented to help children lose weight, become more active, achieve fitness goals, and excel in sports. Whatever the reason, however, a few things must always be considered when designing and implementing a training program for children. Because the bones of the body do not fully fuse until we reach young adulthood, protecting the growth plates should always be a concern. Any injury to the growth plates can impact a child’s future growth and leave them susceptible to future injuries.

Trainers can help reverse this troubling trend by getting kids and adolescents moving through safe, effective, and age-appropriate strategies for physical fitness. Visit NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) today and see why we are the largest ACCSC Accredited Personal Training School in the country offering Next Generation Personal Training Education. Visit our website nptiflorida.edu to learn more about the requirements to earn a youth fitness certification. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.