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There’s no shortage of programs offering a personal trainer certificate. However, to ensure that you get a return on your investment, you really want to choose a program that offers a college level curriculum with a practical application such as NPTI Florida’s 600-hour ACCSC Accredited Diploma program.

This program is licensed by the Department of Education, combining cutting-edge fitness science and methodologies with 218 hours of client Personal Training experience. Additionally, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa), includes professional guidance and job placement assistance to get you out of the classroom and into your first fitness training opportunity in the industry. Here’s a closer look one of the best personal trainer certification Diploma available today. The National Personal Training Institute is a career option for students who are looking for long-term, high-income fitness careers worldwide.

The 600-hour Accredited Diploma program offers future college transcript credits if you decide to pursue a degree in the future. Our live classroom and hands on practical provide personal trainers with the skills they need to provide comprehensive fitness training.

Why NPTI Florida

  • Curriculum – NPTI Florida’s personal trainer curriculum is built around the philosophical and scientific aspects of fitness—anatomy, health assessment, and movement principles—with an eye toward applying those skills in a practical, day-to-day environment in our private facility. Therefore, the curriculum also includes sections on business management and marketing, as well as tailoring programs to meet the diverse requirements and needs of clients.
  • Prerequisites and Eligibility Requirements – Candidates must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Testing – NPTI Florida requires bi-weekly quizzes for retention. All students are required to sit for a midterm exam as well as final exam of the classroom core curriculum. Students are also required to take a midterm and final practical demonstration.
  • Graduation – Successful completion of the Personal Fitness Training Program leads to a diploma that qualifies graduates to practice as personal fitness trainers in health clubs, vacation resorts, spas, private practices, fitness centers, corporate programs, country clubs, cruise ships, and with athletic teams.
  • Continuing Education and Career Resources – All NPTI Florida graduates receive job placement assistance and graduate resources as needed. We also offer several specialty Personal Training Certification programs to increase your training clientele and income. Some of the current offerings are Kettle Bell Certification, Strap Training Certification, Osteo Blast Certification, Speed Blast Certification, Log Training Certification as well as Fitness sales.
  • Financial Aid Assistance – NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is eligible for tuition assistance through Federal Financial Aid or Title-IV programs, state funded Florida Bright Futures and Privately funded Florida Pre-paid or other 529 savings programs.
  • Accreditation – One important caveat when considering which is the best Florida personal trainer certification/education to obtain is accreditation and Department of Education licensor. This is the seal of approval that authenticates the quality of knowledge and method of administration.

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