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Frequent Financial Aid Questions

Any student seeking financial aid funds should apply online at
Generally, a student applying for FAFSA who is under the age of 24, unmarried, not supporting any dependents, and is not working toward a professional degree is considered “Dependent” on the FAFSA. This means that the applicant will need to provide parental information on the FAFSA including income tax and other financial information.
Once the school receives a valid FAFSA, the Financial Aid office will send an award letter with a breakdown of all the financial aid program types and amounts the student qualifies for.
The main difference is who is responsible for the interest on the loan. Subsidized loan interest is paid on behalf of the borrower by the government while the student is at least a half-time student, in an eligible program and up to six months after leaving school. The Unsubsidized loan interest is the responsibility of the borrower, and any unpaid interest will be capitalized on the loan, at the time of repayment.
The answer is, yes. The Department of Education allows financial aid to also be used for costs associated with attending school, such as, room and board, personal, and transportation expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

No state “licenses” personal trainers. The personal trainer profession is a non-regulated profession (unlike the medical profession which requires doctors, nurses, physical therapists, to be lice sensed by a government entity).
Our graduates will have the knowledge to move clientele toward a state of optimal health, wellness and body composition. You will be able to offer nutrition consultation for the healthy population. You will complete nutrition journals and give your clients sound advice on their nutritional needs. This includes improving athletic performance, working with obese clients and youth population.
Upon completion of the 600 hours you will be given a Diploma in Personal Training. The Diploma is recognized Nationally as well as Internationally and never expires.
Earning potential will vary depending on your market. But the industry standard is $18-$28 per hour while training clients in a “big box” club like24-hour Fitness, Lifetime Fitness etc. Typical NPTI Graduates will earn $35K-$50K a year if you train consistently and build your business. We have graduates earning $75K and upwards after 2 years of building their client base.
The answer is, yes. Our program covers legal issues, administrative requirements, sales,marketing, resume writing, business planning, industry policies and insurance requirements.
The housing is for students who are either International or from out of state. We have many local Orlando students on a daily basis that commute. We also have out of state and International students who find other accommodations nearby. The associated hotel cost is paid directly to the hotel on a monthly basis. We have secured extremely affordable NPTI student housing pricing.

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