17 June

Working out at work a real perk

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) locations have been seeing many more corporations adding Fitness Facilities in their corporate buildings. Corporate in-house fitness centers have become increasingly common as companies look for ways to beef up benefits in the battle to retain employees. The gym environment brings employees together. The Gym is part of the corporate perks program. Most departments work together every day and enjoy working out alongside their co-workers.

These corporate Fitness facilities focus on lowering insurance premiums “Wellness Programs” could mean fewer sick days and more productivity. It will also decrease employee work related stress. A study published in 2016 claimed 36 percent of workers experience work related stress that costs U.S businesses $30 billion in lost work days annually. Corporations look for Personal Trainers to take over corporate facilities to train and assist employees in the facilities.

These Educated knowledgeable Personal Trainers can assist with employee training needs for years to come. As more and more corporations add Fitness facilities it creates huge Nationwide demand for Personal Trainers.