17 July

Why you must carry Personal Trainer Insurance?

Personal Trainer Insurance image on the National Personal Training Institute website


A slip and fall, an allergic reaction, or a torn muscle are all-too-real possibilities of mishaps that commonly occur in gyms across the country and which can seriously put a trainer’s career and personal finances at risk. Even the most Qualified educated personal trainers, with years of experience, employing the utmost in diligence and care will face many risks for liability throughout their careers.

Personal trainer insurance provides you a safety net from having to pay the entirety of the expenses for a claim out of your own pocket. While everyone knows insurance is important for things like cars and your home, insuring yourself from liabilities where you perform personal training services may not be as readily apparent. Right up-front Personal Trainer insurance provides great protection for two of the most common types of liability facing professionals today – professional and general liability.

  • Professional liability covers claims directly related to the services you provide. For instance, this could be where a client asserts your program left them with some form of injury and they hold you liable for their medical bills.
  • General liability is related to third party claims for injury or property damage. This insurance is often called “slip and fall” since many claims have arisen in this very fashion.

With $1 million per occurrence and $3 million per year in general and professional liability coverage, personal trainers can have peace of mind and focus on providing great sessions knowing they are adequately covered. Adding product liability coverage, an identity protection plan, stolen equipment coverage, and even rental damage insurance can all be wrapped into a personal trainer insurance program.


  • Most health clubs and many states require that you carry liability insurance.
  • We live in a litigious world, where many people will sue even in situations where it is not warranted.
  • Regardless of how careful, diligent and skilled you are, certain unfortunate occurrences are outside the scope of your control.
  • Many potential clients seek out trainers who carry fitness instructor insurance.
  • Just as education and certification lends credibility, so does having a top-notch insurance company standing behind you.
  • There are over 460,000 reported fitness related injuries every year. Insurance will protect you from claims outside of your direct professional skills.
  • The average claim in the fitness industry is $5,500. You can be held 100% responsible if you do not have insurance.
  • In some cases, a single claim can ruin years of hard work, and perhaps even destroy your entire business.
  • The peace of mind that insurance provides will allow you to be that much more effective and confident in your work.
  • The minimal cost of insurance leaves serious health and fitness professionals with no excuse not to carry it.