15 January

What Personal Trainers need to stay focused on 2021!

2020 transition into 2021 image on the National Personal Training Institute website

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) owner Patrick Sherman understands that many people have been significantly affected financially in the past 2020 year. With many lives turned upside down for the last nine months and counting, it’s difficult to know what tomorrow will bring to most. NPTI Florida knows that Health and Wellness is extremely important now than it’s ever been. We can’t afford to just sit back and wait for the world to get back to normal. Personal Trainers must keep moving forward-for their clients. While many things remain out of our control, those who stay focused on their personal training business will rise to the top in 2021. Your current clients and prospective clients will actively be seeking new ways to reach their fitness goals while training from home. Remote coaching is a must in the New Year. With many staying and working from home fewer people are going to big box gyms. But people who are home still have the same excuses and problems of finding time to get healthy. As a Fitness professional you need to guide, your clients, coach them, hold them accountable and support them in achieving their fitness goals.

The size of the market that Personal Trainers serve will continue to grow in 2021. More people are seeking help to achieve their health and fitness goals. The market for Personal Training is getting bigger. People who would normally stay home and struggle on their own can now seek out a Trainer to make progress from home. The greatest opportunity for Personal Trainers in 2021 is no doubt on-line coaching. Covid19 has taught us that we must incorporate this component into our business model. As Fitness professionals, we all need video streaming platforms. Personal Trainers also need an online membership platform such as an app where clients can access live and recorded workouts. This will allow clients to access training planning, monitoring and even motivation. This also allows for more people to be reached than ever before. Trainers must also embrace outdoor training. Intensive training in particular is much less dangerous outside than indoors. The final piece of the Personal Training puzzle for 2021 is finding ways to replicate the energy and community of a live training session virtually. Stay focused and help as many people as possible become Healthy again and the money will follow.