07 May

Training Outdoors with the Sun and Elements


If you are an NPTI Florida Personal Trainer and love training your clients outdoors? You must be mindful of the Sunny, Outdoor elements. There are certain precautions you need to be taking for yourself and clients no matter the temperature. Trainers must consider wearing sunscreen regardless of the outside temps. Especially when its warm and sunny out. Trainers and clients are at risk for aging, but skin cancer is quite proportional to cumulative lifelong sun exposure. Wearing a ballcap can help, but always apply an SPF 30 or higher says NPTI Florida owner Pat Sherman.

“Because you’re going to be sweating, you don’t want a thick cream that will clog your pores. Instead, look for an alcohol based, sports-gel sunscreen that lighter”. In addition to applying SPF on any exposed skin, slather on a moisturizer to keep areas like your cheeks and fingers from getting chapped and cracked. “there’s less humidity during the winter, so your skin naturally gets very dry.

“Moisturizer can provide a barrier between the wind and your skin and help prevent cracking and eczema. Keep in mind that Cracked skin on your hands won’t translate well in the gym when you’re trying to do pullups or lift barbells. Plus, open wounds are more susceptible to infections.