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Top Personal Training Certification

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Pursuing Top Personal Training Certification/Education

Congratulations! Just the fact that you have chosen to look into getting your personal training certification tells us that you’re already well on your way to an exciting new career.

At NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa), we understand that deciding where and how to pursue higher education is an important and life-changing decision. This guide is designed to help you evaluate your financial options when it comes to NPTI.

Getting into the health and wellness industry is a great choice. I cannot think of a more rewarding and satisfying career. The personal training industry is in high demand and is set to increase over the next few years. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor predicts a 10% growth in the field through 2026.

Do you like working out? Is helping people your passion? Do you have a goal of making a genuine difference in other people’s lives? Has anyone ever told you that you would be a good personal trainer?

If the answer is yes to those questions, you likely have the passion necessary to succeed. But if you are thinking that training is just some easy job that anybody can do and there is no grind or hustle involved to be successful, then this likely is not the career for you. If you are serious, then NPTI is right for you.

Personal Training Industry Outlook

Median pay: $58,318.00
Top pay: $128,000
10-year job growth: 10.0%
Total jobs: 257,410

What Exactly Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Sometimes it takes a paid professional to slog you through endless squats, push-ups and burpees, or just to get you to the gym at 6 a.m. You can thank your personal trainer for that.

As a Top Tier Personal trainer, you will work one-on-one with clients to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Based on those results, you will design an exercise program to improve their physical fitness. You will motivate, educate and give them direction to pursue a healthy lifestyle. This education will also cover proper technique, general health and nutrition consultation.

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) www.dol.gov stated that personal trainers currently serve as the primary profession within the fitness industry. The DOL went on to define the role of personal trainers as:

  • Working with a single client one on one or small group training
  • Training within a gym, outside or in clients’ homes
  • Assessing client levels of physical fitness and helping set and reach fitness goals safely
  • Demonstrating various exercises and helping clients improve their exercise techniques
  • Maintaining records of clients’ exercise sessions to monitor clients’ progress towards fitness goals
  • Advising clients on how to modify their lifestyles outside of the gym to improve fitness

What makes it Great?

With obesity rates on the rise, trainers are in a position to change someone’s health for the better—and for the long haul. They can also work in a variety of settings beyond the gym, from hospitals to corporate wellness departments, to clients’ homes, to outdoor boot camps. Visit www.tfah.org for further facts and statistics.

Current Fitness Industry Overview

The total number of gym memberships in the United States rose from 40.3 million in 2009 to 57.3 million in 2017, as Americans have become increasingly more interested in personal fitness, especially in light of worsening nationwide health trends. This heightened focus on fitness and wellness has enabled the field of personal training to thrive, with an estimated 6.5 million Americans using personal-training services in 2014, up from 4 million in 1999, according to the International Health, Racquet and Sports club Association (IHRSA).

HOW CAN I BECOME A Top Tier Personal Trainer?

Every year, thousands of individuals consider switching careers. The majority decide to change for full-time employment, and a small percentage look at supplemental income opportunities. These individuals consider starting a new path as a personal trainer. Most have no idea how to make this transition a reality.

FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND? Dream job sign #1.jpg

What do I do next? Should I go back to school for a degree? Shadow a personal trainer at a local gym? Get Certified? Buy Personal Trainer 101 books? If you are like the 99.9% of the individuals considering a career change, you have absolutely no idea or clue where to start.

Let us discuss the above options.

Should I go back to school for a degree?

  • Earn a degree in exercise science or kinesiology.
  • Learn all about anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and exercise physiology.
  • But I am middle-aged. Do I want to start going to frat parties?
  • More than likely will take 4-6 years to graduate. Will not have any practical hands-on training experience.
  • Will cost tens of thousands of dollars and will sink me into further debt.
  • Will not prepare me for the day-to-day personal training business. Does not teach program design, nutritional application, or business management.

Shadow a Trainer at a Local Gym?

  • Most of these trainers will be self-taught or weekend certified.
  • They will have horrible habits and methods.
  • They will tell you how great they are, yet they only train a few hours a week.

Get Certified as a Personal Trainer?

  • Faster than going to school for 4-6 years. Usually internet study.
  • Cost varies from $150-$1,200. No regulation and no guarantee of the program quality.
  • Minimum anatomy and physiology background—just enough to possibly injure a client.
  • The certificate you earn will look good in a frame on the wall.
  • After taking a multiple-choice exam, you can tell people you are a trainer.

Buy Personal Trainer 101 Books?</h3

  • After reading the first few chapters, you will be more confused.
  • Most individuals are visual learners and reading a book will do more damage than good.
  • Most will agree this is not an option.

Future of the Fitness Industry

With the continued evolution of the industry and intensified consumer demand for tailored health and fitness solutions, employment of personal trainers is expected to increase by 10% over the 10-year period between 2016 and 2026. The projected growth is attributed to several factors, including:

  • Increasing number of baby boomers who want to stay healthy, physically fit and independent
  • Increase in businesses opening on-site fitness facilities and offering incentives for employees to join gyms
  • Growing concern about childhood obesity, driving parents to increasingly invest in individualized exercise programs for their children
  • Increasing health club memberships among young adults concerned about physical fitness
  • An aging population seeking relief from arthritis and other ailments through individualized approaches to exercise

Why NPTI Florida?

Why NPTI Florida?

One important shift is happening in the Personal Training Industry: Education!

It is the Quality of Education that Counts, not the Type of Certification.

Personal trainers with a classroom-based education are more likely to have successful careers, and the fitness facilities employing them will reap greater benefits in having them on staff. Properly educated personal trainers create a safer training environment that translates into fewer injuries and reduced employer liability. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) personal trainers are earning their 600 Hour Diploma through classroom-based college courses that combine the scientific theory of human movement and exercise programming with 218 hours of hands-on client personal trainer simulation in an educational lab setting.

Job Placement

Our partner gyms post job opportunities for NPTI graduates. NPTI has created relationships with hundreds of health clubs, gyms and private fitness facilities throughout the globe. Take advantage of our years of expertise and industry contacts. We are here to help you succeed as a Top Tier personal trainer.

The Value of Accreditation

NPTI Orlando and NPTI Tampa are Accredited post-secondary career schools, approved for International students, approved for VA Educational benefits, licensed by the Florida Department of Education #2442 (Orlando) and #3997 (Tampa), approved for Title IV Federal Financial Student Aid, Florida Pre-Paid College Plans, and the Florida Bright Future’s Scholarship Program.

Students have confidence in knowing that they are attending a school that has undergone a rigorous accreditation process that has evaluated educational quality in the programs offered and that NPTI has shown that it is meeting the ACCSC’s established standards (www.accsc.org).

NPTI: The Global Leader in Personal Training Certification/Education

For over 20 years, NPTI Orlando and Tampa have set the standards in Personal Training Education, with thousands of graduates worldwide who positively impact the lives of clients around the globe. NPTI Florida is known as the Top Personal Training Certification/Education.

Get Started Today!

If you are determined to become a professional personal trainer, then do not delay or wait another day. Get started today! Every day you wait is another day you did not follow your dream career.

Funding your Education

NPTI is approved for Title IV Financial Aid. We are a Veteran owned and operated school; that accepts VA Education Benefits, Bright Future Scholarships Educational benefits, Florida Pre-Paid college plans and many other options to fund your education.

You can complete your FAFSA application at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Our school code for both locations is 042505.

Contact Jennifer at 407-772-0057 or email financialaid@nptifl.com.

At NPTI Florida, (Orlando/Tampa), you will learn Personal Training by interacting with experienced, highly Educated Instructors and fellow classmates to create the best possible learning experience for career success. All students receive 218 hours of Personal Training simulation prior to graduating. This encompasses personal development as well as hands-on industry training.

Call an admissions representative to start your personal training certification today!

For Orlando, Text or call 407-772-0057 or by email at admission@nptifl.com

For Tampa, contact Jessica at 813-374-2017 or email Tampa@nptifl.com

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