16 May

Suspension Training in 2019

Image of a man in a hoodie standing in front of a drawing of muscular flexed arms on the National Personal Training Institute website

Suspension Training, often regarded as a necessity rather than a passing trend in 2018, has gained widespread recognition. It offers the unique capability to engage in a diverse array of multiplanar, compound movements, utilizing solely one’s body weight. This technique has permeated rehabilitation centers globally and has become a staple in most fitness facilities. The profound benefits of Suspension Training encompass enhancing core strength, reducing the risk of injuries, and elevating stability, strength, and flexibility.

The Suspension Training apparatus empowers individuals to target and train stabilizer muscles with a functional and highly effective approach. Consequently, it serves as an invaluable tool for rehabilitation specialists, personal trainers, group instructors, and their clients.

Curious about what Suspension Training entails? NPTI Florida has been at the forefront of live Continuing Education Unit (CEU) workshops for over a decade, and our Suspension Training program stands as one of our most sought-after offerings. This fitness modality primarily employs adjustable straps, easily affixed to various anchor points, such as doors or other stable fixtures. These straps enable individuals to harness their own body weight against gravity, enabling suspended workouts. Are you in search of an innovative and engaging approach to train your personal training clients? Look no further—NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is here to guide you towards becoming a certified Suspension Trainer in the upcoming year. Reach out to us for information on our next scheduled training session.