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Personal Training programs for Veterans in Tampa, Florida

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The fitness industry is for everyone, especially for our Veterans who are looking to transform their Military service and training into a successful career within the Personal Training industry. You are 1% of the nation who served in the military. Your aspirations to join the military came from the fact that you wanted to make a difference and serve this great nation. Through your military career, you must have learned a few skills and traits that allowed you to complete each mission effectively. Being a leader is now part of your personality, and nobody understands the value of hard work, task completion, and teamwork better than you. You only believe in results and not making excuses. Now, you are at crossroads in your life, in the midst of a transition from Military Service to entering the civilian sector, searching for a new profession.

As a Veteran, you understand the true value of physical fitness – it is what prepared you for the challenges you had to face every day. For you, maintaining a high level of physical fitness was not a choice but a necessity. It was important for you to lead by example and learn the ability to work with and motivate those around you – these are all the essential skills of becoming a personal trainer at NPTI Tampa, Florida. These skills and traits are a part of who you are, and now you can use them to become a successful and one of the best personal trainers in the industry.

Why Choose Personal Training as A Career?

Personal training is a great career choice for Veterans as they possess the discipline, skills, and persistence needed to be successful in the fitness industry. Most personal trainers love their job as they get to make a positive contribution to their client’s lives, something you as a Veteran know so much about. But what are some of the other benefits of being a personal trainer and a fitness coach? If you are looking to pursue a career in the fitness world, here are some of the key benefits to get you motivated.

  • Income Flexibility
    As a Veteran, you may or may not have been compensated for your services, and now you have decided to take a more stable yet lucrative career decision. Being a personal trainer has several benefits, one of them being flexibility in income. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) www.dol.gov an average, Personal Trainers earn a Median $56,000 annually. But there is no limit to how far you can go in terms of earning. As your experience grows in the industry, the more valued your services will become. The best thing about being an NPTI Florida personal trainer is that you can pursue it as a full-time career or a part-time – based on your schedule and schedule.
  • Staying Healthy Is Part of The Job
    Most veterans, after serving in the military, fail to keep their health and fitness intact. They no longer have the time or the motivation to keep themselves in the right physical shape. Do you think people are living healthier lives nowadays? With all that junk food and endless streams of cars on drive-throughs, people are constantly making bad health-related choices. You might not have these unhealthy eating habits, but you get the point, right?However, being a qualified personal trainer educates you on proper Health and Nutrition. Did you know? One of the biggest reasons for an inactive lifestyle is a 9-5 work life. Sitting all day in the same position for 9-10 hours a day can surely ruin your health and may even cause back problems. But as a fitness trainer, you do not have that issue. Your job requires you to stay fit, eat healthily and most importantly, not sit behind a desk all day. As a certified personal trainer, you will have an active routine and enjoy a better lifestyle compared to those in an office.
  • Multiple Career Choices
    The flexibility of work can extend as far as having your own fitness business. You have worked your whole adult-like serving this country. Now imagine being the boss of your brand and slowly develop a strong and credible rapport in the industry. When it comes to being a fitness trainer, there are plenty of options while choosing the type of career. You can be any one of the following:

    • Military style Boot camp leader.
    • Personal Training studio owner.
    • Online Personal Trainer Health Coach.
    • Corporate personal trainer or a Fitness Consultant.
    • CrossFit Instructor/Owner.
    • Group fitness instructor.

    Unlike other industries, fitness experts have several options, and you also do not need to complete a bachelor’s degree to be one. All you need is 600 hours of ACCSC Accredited education at NPTI Florida.

Personal Training Education in Tampa, Florida For Veterans Transitioning

If you want to be in the best shape of your life, then NPTI Tampa, Florida, is the best place to be, especially if you are a Veteran. NPTI Tampa has no shortage of highly qualified professional fitness trainers, instructors Head over to “National Personal Fitness Training Institute” Florida (Orlando/Tampa) and enroll in the industry’s best personal training Diploma program.

To be a personal trainer, you need to have the right industry education and practical knowledge to deliver the right programming to your client’s Low carb, high protein? Effective supplements to help your clients burn fat faster? Short bursts of high-intensity training? Personal trainers are required to be on top of their game all the time. As a qualified personal trainer, you need to have all the information regarding different diet plans, food benefits, and the latest technology and equipment. Being on the cutting edge of rising nutrition and fitness trends can allow personal trainers to prevent their clients from injuring themselves and meet their nutritional goals.

As a personal trainer, you need to be well-versed in the understanding towards:

  • The Proper Nutrition consultation.
  • Liability insurance practices.
  • Knowledge of Anatomy Physiology.
  • Knowledge of Health Coaching.
  • First Aid Certification.
  • Designing Exercise Programs and more.

NPTI Tampa is an accredited personal training school by the “Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges” (ACCSC) www.accsc.org . Through our Veteran transition personal training program, you will gain the confidence and skills needed to become a personal trainer. We have undergone a rigorous accreditation process to ensure you receive nothing but exceptional development quality, and we are meeting the highest industry standards.

Financial Tuition Assistance for Veterans

As Veteran, we understand your struggles and hard work on the line of duty. NPTI Florida offers all Veterans eligible for education benefits offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs www.benefits.va.gov. For example, Post-9/11 GI-Bill® offers financial support for housing and educational expenses to all those Veterans who served at least 90 days of aggregate service after September 10, 2001. It is also available for those individuals discharged with a service-connected disability after 30 days.

To avail of this, you must have received an honorable discharge to be eligible for the Post-9/11 GI-Bill®. If you have a child or spouse of a service member, you might be able to avail the benefits of Post-9/11 GI-Bill®. All in all, the GI Bill covers more than just your tuition benefits. You can use it as part of your entitlement to cover the cost of tests you need to take to become a fully licensed and professional personal trainer.

Veteran Personal Training Program at NPTI Tampa, Florida

If you’re a veteran looking to make a career as a certified Personal Trainer, then NPTI Tampa can help you get started. Being a fitness trainer is a fulfilling and profitable career. But without a thorough knowledge of physical fitness practical training, one cannot achieve this career goal. Sound knowledge, expertise, and excellent communication skills are an asset for a Personal Trainer. To become a Fitness Professional in Tampa Florida, contact NPTI Florida for a FREE Veteran Transition Career guide today.

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