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Personal Training College Courses

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If you market yourself as a fitness trainer, people would expect you to have some level of training, education, and experience with this profession. They expect you to have the answer to all their problems like, why aren’t they gaining any muscle weight? Or why can’t you lose weight? How can they manage their fitness along with so many commitments and a tight schedule? And most commonly, why YOU?

You must have seen people hire professional personal trainers for their Health and Wellness needs and these trainers are paid extremely well per session. What makes these trainers so special, and why is their workout regime better than what normal people do? Well, it’s the education that makes all the difference in the world. Here are some of the key reasons why getting certified is important:

Attending a reputable and accredited fitness college like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) will guarantee you a long successful fitness career. It’s important to learn what it takes to be a personal trainer – what are the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of working with an extensive client base. But before you embark on a journey to becoming a fitness trainer, let’s weigh on some of the pros and cons so that you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Key Reasons Why You Should Attend A Personal Training School

The author of “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action,” Simon Sinek, once said that the why is always more important than the what, especially in the world of business. It is because the services between competing brands might be similar in many aspects, but the motivation behind it will vary for everyone. It is your “Why” that resonates with the customers and stays. As a fitness trainer, you are not just selling a product or service, you are selling a dream.

Studies show that every company in the world knows what they can do, some of them know how they do what they do, but only a few can articulate why they do what they do. As a beginner personal trainer, you’ll be putting in some long hours into your work, so having a “why” will help you stay motivated. Is fitness training your passion? Do you cherish guiding and helping out your friends and others to improve their health and fitness? If you nod ‘yes’ to this, then these qualities can lead you to qualify to become a certified personal trainer. Your passion for helping others will keep you motivated and make it easier for you to sell your services to potential clients.

What Do You Need to Become A Personal Trainer?

On the surface, becoming a personal trainer looks like the best job in the world – all you’ve got to do is be in the gym and work with your clients and peers. But there are a lot more facets to this profession that people just starting out in the industry overlook. Like any other business or profession, there are certain demands that you need to keep in mind before making personal training your career.

Besides your people skills and ability to maintain a certain physique, becoming a personal trainer is all about having the right education and certification. Here are some of the best personal training college courses you can choose to become a certified personal trainer.


If you are looking to be a personal trainer to like to work with athletes, ISSA is the perfect choice for you. This is a great certification and 100% online. This certificate has a strong reputation among sports trainers and is accredited with the “Distance Education Accrediting Commission” (DEAC). ISSA also offers five of the most NCCA accredited certification exams along with the option to give home and online exams.

This is an entry-level certification that pays significant emphasis on body/performance composition training. The reason why it’s internationally recognized is that individuals can get certified from the comfort of their homes. This certification also helps develop a solid foundation for the fitness industry without having to dive into one specific area of fitness.


The NASM is one of the most respected certifications in North America and helps individuals develop a strong base in corrective exercise training. The certification is highly regarded for its “Optimum Performance Training” OPT training model, and for most people, it is one of the greatest personal training certifications to have. This, too, is an NCCA certificated course that touches upon some of the key performance aspects of personal training, and the learning can be applied to a variety of clients.


This is the newest player in the certification game that has made a solid splash since the advent. This certification focuses on the FORM model, also called the “Form Over Resistance Model.” Other than being NCCA accredited, FM started as a knowledge and resource platform particularly dedicated to fitness enthusiasts and professionals taking the right steps in the industry. The certification has come a long way since then and is credited with the establishment of institutions like NASM, ACE, or ISSA.

This is a community-driven health and fitness initiative from South Florida. Not only is this a certifying agency but also a body that oversees credentialing programs. It was founded in 1996, and the goal of this program was to enhance public engagement and education with fitness and health in South Florida. The certification has had its humble beginnings that gradually caught on international recognition. What makes this certification unique is that it helps personal trainers fall in the same bracket as doctors and therapists.


This is probably the most popular non-profit organization on the list that also has wide acceptance in Europe and North America. It offers the IFT or “integrated fitness training” model popular among their progressing clients and is considered a top certification for personal trainers in the United States.

The ACE is a general personal training certification and, in many ways, similar to OPT training model offered by ACE and NASM. The IFT, however, pays a bit more emphasis on cardiorespiratory and functional training, which is excellent for weight loss making it very popular among the general audience.


ACSM is one of the oldest and clinically rooted certifications of all. It was introduced in 1954 and since then gained a ton of recognition in progressing the field of exercise science. Despite being one of the best certifications out there, it is often seen as an outdated certification in terms of its design and style of study materials. This professional fitness certification is preferred in the hospital setting and wellness centers.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Personal training can be an extremely rewarding career, but you should take your time before making your mind. It’s a big commitment and a path you should take seriously. To succeed as a personal trainer, you need to learn where to begin and how to develop yourself both mentally and physically to meet the physical and psychological demands. Remember, only you can decide if you are fit to be a personal trainer, and if you think you have all these qualities, you will make an excellent one.

If you’re looking to get certified as a personal trainer, then attend NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) and receive your Diploma. To have a career in personal training, getting certified from a Licensed personal training school is critical. Remember, education is the foundation of your fitness career. It also proves to your clients that you are a professional and committed to the industry.

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