12 February

NPTI Florida’s Approach to Personal Training

When we think of Personal Trainers, we often imagine super fit people. But things are changing in 2019. In Florida, there are Personal Trainers who graduated from NPTI and happen to be moms starting their own businesses. The point is, personal training isn’t just for one type of person.

Patrick Sherman, who owns NPTI Florida in Orlando and Tampa, says that the fitness business is still pretty new. People are realizing the importance of staying healthy. Many of us spend too much time sitting at our desks, driving to work, and not moving enough.

This lack of physical activity is causing more health problems like bad backs, hip and knee issues, and chronic diseases. NPTI Florida teaches its students how to help people exercise safely, how to check their bodies properly, and how to understand their clients’ health needs. In 2019, personal training isn’t a luxury; it’s becoming a must-have.

In addition to the evolving landscape of personal training, it’s essential to shed light on the significance of personal trainer certification. Florida personal trainer certification programs, like the one offered by NPTI, play a pivotal role in shaping the fitness industry. These programs equip aspiring trainers with the knowledge and skills required to excel in their roles. By completing a Florida personal trainer certification program, individuals not only enhance their credibility but also demonstrate their commitment to providing safe and effective personal training services. As the demand for qualified trainers continues to rise, obtaining proper Florida personal trainer certification becomes increasingly indispensable in establishing a successful career in personal training.

NPTI Florida is committed to telling people what Personal Trainers do and why they’re essential in today’s world.