12 February

NPTI Florida’s approach to Personal Training

When most think of Personal Trainers, typically the super fit image may be thought of? But in 2019 the industry will see many changes. There are NPTI Florida Graduate Trainers that are moms looking to start a business. The industry is not a one size fits all industry. Patrick Sherman owner of NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) locations states that Fitness is really in its early stages as a business. The industry has recognized the trend toward nonfictional living. The population is being molded by their chairs at the office, commuting daily to work for hours in their vehicles as well as mental deconditioning. We all work longer hours which prohibits us from moving daily.

This will lead to more medical issues and insurance claims for structural imbalances, hip replacements, knee replacements lower back issues and chronic diseases in the near future. NPTI Florida teaches its students to know how to either progress or digress clients safely, how to take proper biomechanical assessments, and be empathetic about their client’s state of health. Personal Training used to be considered a luxury, but in 2019 it will become a necessity. NPTI Florida will continue to Educate the consumers on the image of Personal trainers and The Personal Training industry as a Career.