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How Long Does It Take to Become a Personal Trainer?

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Becoming a certified personal trainer or even an exercise specialist at NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is a rewarding career choice. Not only do you make a great living, but you also get to collaborate with different clients and help them achieve their personal fitness goals and change their lives.

But ask yourself – what would you want in a personal trainer if you were to hire somebody? Nutrition education, plenty of knowledge, hands-on experience is just some of the things you should think about when you decide to hire a personal trainer. It is important for you to think from your client’s perspective and what they expect from you. Remember, your clients rely on you and your expertise – they are paying for this service because they lack understanding on subjects like fitness, cardio, nutrition, program design etc.

But how long does it take to become a certified personal fitness trainer? Which fitness college/education is the best? How long is NPTI Florida’s 600-hour program? These are just some of the most asked questions, and we are going to answer them all.

In this article, we will breakdown all the steps to becoming a qualified/certified fitness trainer in Florida and show you exactly how long it will take depending on your chosen certification and level of education. Let us start with the big one.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Personal Trainer?

Unfortunately, this answer is not as straightforward as one might expect. There are several factors that come into play, for instance, your work schedule, motivation levels, amount of time you can dedicate to the studies, and more.

Another key factor is the additional time costs of maintaining your fitness education in the years ahead. Since you have been able to find this article, we have reasons to believe you are interested in becoming a personal trainer.

So, to make things easier to understand, we will look at NPTI Florida, and the 18 weeks required to graduate the 600-hour diploma program. Don’t worry! They have a way to make up missed days for holidays, vacations, illness, and childcare. Whether you want to pursue a fitness career part-time or full-time, you are only going to have to adjust and be available Monday through Friday. So, it is important for you to be realistic with how much time you will be investing in your personal training education.

Continuing Education Certifications

CEUS prepare you for what lies ahead – it gives you credibility and the information to kickstart your business and specialize. Personal trainers often encounter physical emergencies with their clients. To ensure they are perfectly capable of managing the situation, “automated external defibrillator” (AED) and “complete cardiopulmonary resuscitation” (CPR) certification is important. These certifications can help you, as a personal trainer, to realize when your client is having a medical emergency.

Cardiac and breathing emergencies are common with clients who just started going to the gym. You need to act swiftly and help your client until the medical personnel arrives. The national personal training Institute has made it mandatory for NPTI Florida personal trainers to get these two certifications. They are included in our program. National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) offers all kinds of fitness Continuing education certifications, general and specialized, to make sure you stay updated on the latest trends and science to deliver the best personalized fitness programs to your clients.

As a personal trainer, you must be well-educated in the understanding towards:
  • The Principles of Nutrition
  • Health History reports and questionnaires
  • Knowledge of Physiology and Anatomy
  • Knowledge of Liability Insurance
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • Designing Exercise Programs and rehabilitation

For starters, you need to know that the program is an 18-week program. Program completion is achieved in 4.5 months but as there are a lot of variables in play, the time could lengthen if you need a leave of absence. So, before discussing the maximum course times, the education requirements, and other prerequisites, we quickly want to mention how important to plan. It is imperative that the education you choose are widely recognized by potential employers and ACCSC Accredited.

To develop people skills in your personality, we recommend getting certified/educated from a personal training institute like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa). Getting fitness education from a licensed and accredited personal training school will guarantee you a long successful fitness career. Visit this website for more.

  • College diploma in personal training
  • Nutrition consultation certification
  • CPR/first aid certified
  • 218 hours of practical experience
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Program design
  • Verbal and physical communicating skills
  • Transfer of credits to university

While NPTI IS Familiar with on-line PT certifications, doing your own research is always a good thing. You will see plenty of personal training schools and fitness colleges that claim to be the best in the industry, which makes choosing the right one overwhelming and confusing.

Here are a few factors that you need to into account when considering a personal training career and to make sure you have financial aid benefits to fund your fitness career. 

Quality of the Accreditation

Every personal training qualification should be sanctioned by an accredited body to show its legitimacy. These organizations oversee quality control, ensuring that a course delivers the minimum training standards and developing the right talent for the industry.

In our expert opinion, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is an Accredited post-secondary career school, approved for International students, approved for VA educational benefits, licensed by the Florida Department of Education #2442 (Orlando) and #3997 (Tampa) (www.fldoe.org) approved for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. This program is designed for full time high income Personal Training Careers.

AED/CPR Component

When selecting the right school for your personal training career, make sure it includes CPR/AED in their curriculum. It teaches you how to deal with people with chronic heart conditions or in case there is a first aid incident.

A CPR/AED certification can make your personal training certification more credible and prepares you for any unforeseen circumstance. CPR/AED courses also enable fitness trainers to push their clients to their limits and help them attain their fitness results.

Industry Recognition

After spending over 21 years in the personal training industry and familiarity with dozens of different accreditations, we can confidently say that NPTI Florida offers high quality fitness education for long term growth in the industry.

How Students Progress Through Personal Training Course?

Unlike other certifications and qualifications that usually commence at a certain time and schedule, personal training certification courses usually are flexible enough, allowing students to study at their own pace. These programs have a significant failure rate.

Unlike college qualifications that will usually commence at a set time and then proceed according to a specific schedule (such as semesters), PT certification courses will usually allow you to study at your own pace and take the final qualification exam at a time of your choosing at an approved exam location.

This being said, many certification programs will have an expiration time on when you must sit the exam. Most students cannot self-study and will not be prepared for an exam.

For example, the ACE certification requires students to sit the exam within six months of purchasing the program materials, and the NASM certification needs students to sit the exam within one year of course purchase.

Here is a breakdown of the maximum time you will have to complete the following five high-quality PT certification courses. I am also going to estimate a realistic completion time.

While your completion time for these courses will vary according to personal factors such as your workload, amount of free time, and motivation levels.

I have based my estimates on the “average” hypothetical person working a 9-to-5 job with weekends off.

Final Thoughts

Getting educated/certified is the most important aspect of becoming a personal trainer. We highly recommend you obtain your personal training certifications/diploma from an accredited institution. Attending a personal training school like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) can teach how to tactfully support and defuse a struggling client who is ready to take his or her frustration on you.

So, the question is, do you have a passion for helping other people attain a healthy lifestyle? Would you like to be a professional personal trainer and have a high-income career? If the answer is yes, you need to attend NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) and receive your diploma. To have a career in personal training, getting certified from a Licensed personal training school is critical. Remember, education is the foundation of your fitness career. It also proves to your clients that you are a professional and committed to the industry.

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