02 September

Certified Personal Training Options

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When you become an educated certified personal trainer, you may want to explore a hybrid personal training option. As online personal training continues to grow and expand in the fitness industry, it has become a popular option. With such rapid growth in the online fitness world, personal training professionals are starting to develop a hybrid style of training to grow their businesses. Once you graduate and earn a personal training certification from NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa), you will need to consider the best offering for your personal training clients.

Hybrid personal training requires both in-person training as well as virtual training sessions in order to produce a highly efficient means of providing services. Clients are still seen on a training schedule with all the normal activities of in-person training. At in-person sessions, personal trainers provide physical assessments, run through new programs, and provide hands on guidance. Most importantly, in-person training tends to allow for a greater degree of trust to be built, especially after earning their personal training certification. Clients that trust a personal trainer to help them accomplish their fitness goals are simply more likely to become a long-term client.

Transitioning to online training simply means that as the client progresses into a program, trainers can begin to substitute more in-person sessions for online ones. Customized fitness plans can be managed online, where everyone can have access and see the progress being made. The number of personal training sessions and the level of services provided depends on the experience of the trainer and the needs of the client. With the hybrid training model in place, trainers have the potential for greater earnings and can provide a more diversified service offering.

Benefits of a Personal Training Diploma with NPTI Florida

The hybrid model makes a NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) trainer’s even more accessible to their clients. It may seem like it takes away from the “human” aspect of training with less in-person training sessions but the benefits to the client are that they always have their trainer’s advice and guidance along their fitness journey. Although the access may be online, clients need to remember that their NPTI Florida trainer earned their education from a licensed Department of education personal training program. They can access the fitness plan, review their progress, watch pre-recorded workouts—all without leaving their home and on their own schedule, trusting that their trainer’s knowledge and experience is the result of achieving the personal training education and practical requirements, Diploma in Florida.

NPTI Florida believes that being able to access training online creates many benefits that can really add up including:

  • More time to focus on providing personalized health plans to clients.
  • Better service creates a better client experience.
  • Clients are more likely to stick with a trainer that guarantees results.
  • Great results create referrals for your services.
  • Less travel commute needed to and from a gym.
  • Can reach a broader audience outside a limited geographic area.
  • Less space and/or less frequency needed to provide services.
  • Can use online content to expand digital presence and market services.

Hybrid personal training allows trainers to meet clients where they are. For clients new to fitness, this approach can be less intimidating and more flexible. By offering online sessions, you can create a situation where you have greater volume and increased profits. As well, diversification in how you’re offering services helps your business better weather economic downturns. Offering online training is another option a personal trainer can use their personal trainer Diploma in Florida.

Do Certified Personal Trainers Need Insurance?

An element of being a personal training graduate from NPTI FloridaNPTI Florida, whether online or in person that needs to be maintained is liability insurance. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 460,000 reported fitness injuries per year. NPTI Florida believes a successful career as a certified personal trainer can be sidelined when an accident or injury occurs, and your insurance coverage is not adequate to cover the event. Our partner, Insure Fitness Group (IFG), offers more compelling reasons to carry insurance.

A question to ask is if the policy covers you for both training platforms in-person and online training. Hybrid training requires blending these training styles which means you need coverage that will provide for both at the same time. With IFG you will have access to the best insurance for personal trainers available today that covers you for both in-person and online. As part of our most reputable personal training certification, NPTI Florida has been working with IFG for many years and recommends their program as an must have for a long-term successful career as a personal trainer. The liability coverage is essential and offers a whole suite of protections designed exclusively for certified personal trainers.

Planning for Long-Term Success as a Certified Personal Trainer In Florida

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) educated certified personal trainers work hard to prevent injuries and accidents, but the very nature of fitness means there’s physical effort required. Weights, complex machines, fast-paced movements, and clients from every level of physicality imaginable simply translates to a greater amount of risk being present for a certified personal trainer. When an unfortunate event happens, it is not the time to suddenly contemplate insurance coverage.
With so many ways that an unexpected event could affect one’s career as a certified personal trainer trainer, insurance becomes a vital way to help secure a long-term future in the industry.

A hybrid personal trainer insurance policy from Insure Fitness Group www.insurefitness.com covers personal trainers from:

  • General liability – – this is coverage from liability from an accident or injury to someone, on, or around your place of business. You may have also heard it called “slip and fall insurance” since this is an unfortunately all-too-common source of general liability lawsuits.
  • Professional liability – this is coverage against liability from an accident or injury to someone because of the personal training you provided. When a client gets hurt following your regimen, they may decide to file a professional liability claim against you. This coverage is also referred to as “malpractice insurance”.
  • Product liability – when equipment malfunctions or breaks and causes an injury or property damage, a claim against the trainer would fall under product liability coverage.
  • Rental damages – this protection covers accidental property damage that occurs within a rented space.
  • Stolen equipment – when equipment is stolen during a robbery-by-force, stolen equipment coverage kicks in with $1,000 worth of coverage and a $250 deductible.
  • Identity theft – especially for hybrid personal trainers relying on the internet to provide sessions to clients, identity theft is more of a threat. With IFG, our hybrid personal trainer insurance includes all the way up to $25,000 in identity restoration services.

These protections come together to create a stout, all-around insurance coverage for trainers considering switching to a hybrid training model. The policy also includes tons of great benefits that really enhance the overall value received.

Personal Training Education Certification in Florida

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) prepares you with the requirements needed to become a successful personal trainer. However, if you don’t have the appropriate fitness insurance coverage in place, you can jeopardize your business. After graduating with a Personal Training diploma/certification, insurance should be your next step. Contact NPTI Florida Today and ask about our special student/graduate pricing and see why so many NPTI Florida students and personal trainers trust IFG to cover every session and every rep.