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Business Tips for a Personal Trainer from NPTI Florida

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Whether you just graduated National Personal Training Institutes 600-hour Diploma program or just considering a personal training career, you have already learned the first lesson of this fitness profession is education and practical knowledge and experience.

To find personal training industry success, you must recognize that means attending an accredited educational institute. This will give you the fitness foundation and practical experience required to help your clients live Healthy lifestyles safely and effectively. NPTI Florida will help you understand the fitness industry prior to graduation and will connect you with potential employers and clients. Owner Pat Sherman has put together a few important Tips for success to help take your career to the next level in a brief period.

TIP #1: Never Fail to Purchase Personal Trainer Insurance

Having proper insurance coverage is the first step prior to training clients regardless of how you decide to run your business. This is an investment in your business. NPTI Florida has partnered with Insure Fitness group to assist our graduate trainers with low-cost guaranteed policies. It is simple, affordable, and dependable by offering A plus rated occurrence-form insurance at one low rate. We offer both student and professional policies. Policies can be purchased at www.insurefitness.com

TIP #2: Make Social Media Marketing a Primary Focus

Even if social media is not your thing or may seem foreign to you. Its an extremely important marketing tool. Digital marketing is the future of Fitness and personal training. You must incorporate a social media strategy, and you have to say in the know when it comes to marketing changes and platforms.

Use the social media platform correctly, choose your platforms such as, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for your fitness business. Develop your brand and messaging, engage with your audience, and make sure you keep up with your on-line presence daily.

TIP #3: Scheduling Software is Necessary

As a personal trainer, keeping up with your appointments is everything. With many different clients on your weekly schedule, the last thing you want to do is confused who you are scheduled to meet with or even worse miss a scheduled client appointment. Finding and using the right software program will keep you on track for success. This will help you organize a calendar of clients to help you manage your week. Software when done correctly is seamless and simple.

TIP #4: Have a Professional Website

Aside from social media marketing digital era rules everything-that means running your fitness business without a website is going to be extremely challenging if not impossible. You need a viable digital footprint so future clients can look you up, get your information, check reviews anytime of the day 7 days a week. Not to mention your website will help link your client scheduling software which helps book future clients automatically. This is necessary for search engine optimization. Its extremely easy to find templates for websites online. This will make creating your site simple and affordable.

TIP #5: Personal Trainers Must Learn How to Sell!

NPTI Florida owner Patrick Sherman states that “Sales tend to be one of the biggest obstacles personal trainers face.” Having and learning a sales process is the hardest part for many in the industry. To learn how to sell personal training, your skills must go beyond exercise science. You also need to have business and communication skills. To obtain more clients, you must convince them you offer the exact services they need for the current problem they have. NPTI Florida offers an 8 hour Continuing education sales program that will guarantee your personal training g sales success. This is taught a few times a year by owner Patrick Sherman. This program is open to all NPTI Nationwide graduates and industry personal trainers. Contact pat directly for information pat@nptifl.com

Looking to Become a Personal Trainer? We can Help You With Everything Needed for Career Success.

Proper fitness education from a Licensed and Accredited personal training school will guarantee you a long successful fitness career: visit www.accsc.org

  • College Diploma in Personal Training
  • Nutrition Consultation Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Certified
  • 218 hours of practical experience
  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Program design
  • Verbal and Physical Communicating skills
  • Transfer of credits to university

While NPTI IS Familiar with on-line PT certifications, doing your own research is always a good thing. You will see plenty of personal training schools and Fitness Colleges that claim to be the best in the industry, which makes choosing the right one overwhelming and confusing.

Here are a few factors that you need to into account when considering a personal training career and to make sure you have Financial Aid benefits to fund your fitness career. www.fafsa.ed.gov

Quality of the Accreditation

Every personal training qualification should be sanctioned by an accredited body to show its legitimacy. These organizations oversee quality control, ensuring that a course delivers the minimum training standards and developing the right talent for the industry.

In our expert opinion, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is an Accredited post-secondary career school, approved for International students, approved for VA educational benefits, licensed by the Florida Department of Education #2442 (Orlando) and #3997 (Tampa) www.fldoe.org ,approved for Title IV Federal Financial Aid. This program is designed for full time high income Personal Training Careers.

AED/CPR Component

When selecting the right school for your personal training career, make sure it includes CPR/AED in their curriculum. It teaches you how to deal with people with chronic heart conditions or in case there is a first aid incident.

A CPR/AED certification can make your personal training certification more credible and prepares you for any unforeseen circumstance. CPR/AED courses also enable fitness trainers to push their clients to their limits and help them attain their fitness results.

Industry Recognition

After spending over 21 years in the personal training industry and familiarity with dozens of different accreditations, we can confidently say that NPTI Florida offers high quality fitness education for long term growth in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Getting Educated/certified is the most important aspect of becoming a personal trainer. We highly recommend you obtain your personal training certifications/Diploma from an accredited institution. Attending a personal training school like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) can teach how to tactfully support and defuse a struggling client who is ready to take his or her frustration on you.

So, the question is, do you have a passion for helping other people attain a healthy lifestyle? Would you like to be a professional personal trainer and have a high-income career? If the answer is yes, you need to attend NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) and receive your Diploma. To have a career in personal training, getting certified from a Licensed personal training school is critical. Remember, education is the foundation of your fitness career. It also proves to your clients that you are a professional and committed to the industry.

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