15 October

Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in Florida

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As a certified personal trainer, your clients will join and cancel from time to time – it is inevitable. In order to keep your business strong and keep your client list full, you need a strategy which includes a sales and marketing plan to find new ways to recruit new clients effectively. The more efforts you invest in building your clientele pipeline, the easier it will be to get them as a new client. At NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa), our personal training certification/Diploma program teaches our students ways to get more clients and profits before your competitor does. It is one of the many reasons we proud of the personal training certification we offer in Florida. If you’re thinking about the right time for building your client list, then this is it. It is the time for you take the knowledge you learned during your personal training certification and get to work. This is not the time that you slow down and wait for the busier season to start. You need to effectively market and use social media to your advantage. Build your client pipeline and the money will follow at year end. So, without further ado, let us get started on how you can build your client list so you can create a successful personal training career.

The Importance of Marketing for a Certified Personal Trainer

It should be a requirement for personal trainers to market their business. After all, you invested the time and money to earn your personal trainer certification/Diploma from an Accredited personal training program in Florida. Why not use that advantage and share with your clients to set yourself apart from the competition? One of the biggest cardinal mistakes that certified personal trainers make is pulling back on their marketing dollars in their budget. You must be consistent even if you client list is robust. In fact, it is highly recommended you double or triple your initial investment in creating a strong marketing strategy. There are many ways you can execute your marketing to demonstrate your effectiveness as a certified personal trainer. We are confident that we offer Next Generation Personal Training Education in Florida and as a graduate, you should be advertising your education and what makes you stand apart from your other trainers. Other key marketing strategies include, spending more money, build a community, write better ads, put more offers out on social media platforms, build a bigger email list, do more referral contests, and create fitness challenges. You must out work your competitors each day says NPTI Florida owner Patrick Sherman.

We know what you are thinking – if you just do one marketing campaign and promo after another, aren’t people going to get tired and burnt out? Fortunately, the answer is NO! Your clientele list will continue to grow, and you will see that now is the time to market aggressively, sell consistently, especially during the holidays.

Personal Training Program-It’s More than you Think

Becoming a personal trainer in Florida is than just diet and exercise. Client will share their concerns when they are confused or face a sudden loss in their motivation. Truth be told, adopting a new lifestyle with a different diet and creating space for working out takes work and is not easy for every client. Some people have doubts in their heads, whether they can or can’t achieve the desired outcomes.

Throughout the pandemic, you can always be there for your clients using social media platforms and help them fight their fears and clear their doubts online. Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, your constant interaction with your clients will help you earn their trust and put in a good word for you to others. Word of mouth marketing is an excellent and cost-effective way of getting new clients. Remember, when your existing clients are happy, it will automatically attract others to choose you over others. Ask for referrals!

Becoming a Personal Trainer: Know Your Niche

We can help you understand how to become a certified personal trainer in Florida. Assume your clients don’t have any knowledge of their body but come to you with a goal. Fitness experts need to have their strengths well-presented to their clients. If you don’t have a particular niche, it will make your customers feel you’re not an expert on anything, and you don’t want that, especially if you have taken the time to earn you certification. Decide what kind of audience you’re going to be serving – whether it’s athletes, men/women over the age of 40, postnatal or prenatal women, youngsters between the age of 15-35, or professionals looking to add some physical activity to their daily routine. Don’t know how to find your niche? Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where will the fitness training take place?
  • What kind of clients do you train the most? Weight loss for fitness or weight loss for athletes
  • What type of personal training specialty do you offer?

Becoming a Personal Trainer: Customized Nutritional Goals

A part of becoming a personal trainer is understanding each client’s nutrition goals. Low carb, high protein? Effective supplements to help your clients burn out fat faster? Short bursts of high-intensity training? Personal trainers are required to be on top of their game all the time. As a qualified and educated certified personal trainer, you need to have all the information regarding different diet plans, food benefits, and the latest technology and equipment. Being on the cutting edge of rising nutrition and fitness trends can allow personal trainers to prevent their clients from injuring themselves and meet their nutritional goals. As a personal trainer, you need to be well-versed in the understanding towards:

  • Diets and Nutrition programming.
  • Safety Techniques
  • Knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Knowledge of program design.
  • First Aid/CPR training.
  • Designing Exercise Programs and liability insurance

How to Become a Top Personal Trainer

Undoubtedly you will want to know how you can become a top personal trainer. Educated qualified Certified personal trainers are expected to have the answer to everything. For instance, a suitable diet for your clients (low carb, high protein)? Effective supplements to help your clients burn out fat faster? Short bursts of high-intensity training? Personal trainers are required to be on top of their game all the time. As a certified personal trainer, you need to have nutrition education regarding different diet plans, food benefits, and the latest technology and equipment. Being on the cutting edge of rising nutrition and fitness trends can allow personal trainers to prevent their clients from injuring themselves, meet their nutritional goals and is another way to market your skills! As a top personal trainer, you must be well-versed towards:

  • Designing Exercise Programs and rehabilitation.
  • Knowledge of Par Q forms.
  • Knowledge of Biology.
  • Baseline measurements and Fitness assessments.
  • Health History reports and questionnaires.
  • Offer Nutrition Consultation to all.

Personal Trainer Certification/Diploma Program

Even though it is legal to work as a personal trainer without certification or formal education, it is a sure way to end your career before it begins. By now you can see that becoming a certified personal trainer in Florida is offering clients more than being in great shape, knowing how to use the machines and weights at the gym. A client is looking to their personal trainers to be knowledge in every aspect so the program they create is customized for each client according to their goals. If you want to train clients in an established and well-known health club, most require a certification and experience. If you are investing the time and money, why not earn your diploma from an accredited personal training program. The only ACCSC Accredited Personal Training school in Florida is NPTI Florida. We are in the personal training school business, offering fitness education with a college-level curriculum.

Attending a reputable and accredited fitness college like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) will guarantee you a long successful fitness career. It’s important to learn what it takes to be a personal trainer – what are the physical, emotional, and psychological demands of working with an extensive client base. Before you embark on a journey to becoming a fitness trainer, let us weigh on some of the pros and cons so that you can decide if you have what it takes.

Becoming a Personal Trainer in Florida: Meeting the Physical and Physiological Demands

Before you start your journey toward becoming a certified personal trainer, it’s important you understand what it takes to be successful. Although you may already be in good shape, that does not guarantee personal training success. Some trainers do not have the patience and persistence to visit the gym multiple times a day, even if the money is good. There is a strong possibility that you might get exhausted and grow tired of this constant effort to live a healthy lifestyle. Attending a personal training institute like NPTI Florida can help you understand the industry, teach you the necessary curriculum and help overcome trainer burn out. The physical demands to be a personal trainer are high, especially when you are new to the fitness industry. In fact, a recent survey showed that most online weekend certified personal trainers change their professions within the first six months. This is mainly because they have no formal education. One of the biggest challenges to overcome as a certified personal trainer is learning how to sell and market. It can take some time to develop a strong client base in the industry, and not being prepared for the uncertainties can limit their success as a personal trainer. If you are a great personal trainer with a defined specialty, your clients will grow over time – remember, patience is the key here.

Getting Qualified/educated as A Personal Trainer

Whether you are changing industries or starting a new career, the most important factor you need to have a is a certification from the only ACCSC Accredited Personal Training school in Florida which is NPTI. Before you become a personal trainer, changing lives, and influencing people to live a better life – you need to go to school. Becoming a certified/educated personal trainer and fulfilling the requirements will make your brand and services more credible. The personal training industry is unregulated so, having a certification will only make you stand out in the competition and is a fact you can continue to market.

We recommend getting a certification from a personal training institute like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa). Getting a fitness education from a licensed and accredited personal training school will guarantee you a long successful fitness career.

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