18 November

Become a Certified Personal Trainers and Learn about Nutrition

Image of a personal trainer working with a client on the National Personal Training Institute website

With the holidays approaching, the role of certified personal trainers is more crucial than ever. There are more holiday parties to attend, clients are out of their routine and there is always a reason to celebrate. Becoming a certified personal trainer in Florida, it’s important to know the difference between the theoretical and practical situations when you’re faced with a scenario in everyday life. Theory exists on paper, which must be applied in a pragmatic situation.

Requirements for Certified Personal Trainers

As part of the NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) requirements for becoming a Qualified certified personal trainer includes 100 Hours of nutrition. It is taught by college professors & it is part of the classroom core content which is classified as Nutrition consultation for the healthy population. Learning to become a personal trainer through a DOE Licensed and Federally funded school will give you the education and confidence to answer any of your clients’ questions whether they are exercise related or nutrition based. Completing the 600-hour ACCSC Accredited personal training diploma will give you an undeniable edge.

Given the nature of the Fitness industry, the role of a personal trainer involves being at the receiving end of several health-related concerns. Likely queries will revolve around two fundamental concerns: one is exercising techniques and the other is nutrition.
You may have heard sayings like, ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. These are not merely frivolous phrases, but testament to how important food is for health and wellness. Therefore, the provision of sound nutritional advice is imperative. Your clients look for you to guide them to success and becoming an expert in your profession by understanding what it takes to become a personal trainer in Florida.

Exercising is no longer just about using equipment. A conscientious diet plan must be adhered to in order to achieve the best results. Becoming a Certified personal trainer means you must have the nutritional knowledge as most trainers have started to offer their clients detailed meal plans. For instance, a workout regimen may involve variations in exercise. One day may be dedicated to upper body and the following day may focus on your lower body. It is equally significant to supplement workouts with meal plans. A strict program of small, protein heavy diet may be conjured up, for instance.

How Do You Become a Personal Trainer?

At NPTI (Orlando/Florida), we offer a 600-hour personal training Diploma certification in Florida. The Fitness industry has changed over the years, and we continue to evolve by offering Next Generation Personal Training Education. Our 600 hours of hours of accredited education will give our graduates the competitive edge against other industry trainers. We want to see you succeed, grow your business and we feel confident that the diploma you earn at NPTI Florida (Orland/Tampa) will give you the best experience possible for becoming a successful certified personal trainer in Florida.

Visit our website www.nptiflorida.edu to learn more about the requirements to become a personal trainer. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.