13 June

How to Stay Fit in the Gym in 2019

You’re creating the new you in 2019. You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and are committed to being a part of the eight percent (8%) of people who actually achieve their goal.. Chances are that one of your ambitions entails exercising more— after all, the top resolution of most Americans was to improve their personal fitness and nutrition in the New Year.

Given the widespread interest in personal fitness and nutrition, it’s crucial to consider how to maintain your health while engaging in personal training sessions. This will help you adhere to your fitness regimen and steer clear of interruptions due to illness or injury. Here are several strategies to ensure you stay fit and on track:

  1. Select the Appropriate Exercise Equipment and Learn Its Proper Usage: While creativity can be an asset in achieving your fitness objectives, it’s essential to avoid becoming one of those individuals who misuse fitness equipment. Not only can improper usage lead to potential injuries, but it might even land you in a YouTube fail video. Consider enlisting the guidance of a certified personal trainer to maximize your workout’s effectiveness.
  2. Maintain the Safety and Condition of Your Equipment: Building on the previous tip, it’s imperative to ensure that all your exercise gear, ranging from free weights to running shoes, remains in optimal working condition. Possessing the right equipment won’t suffice if it’s in disrepair, as this could result in significant harm or personal injury.
  3. Prioritize Equipment Hygiene: This advice is particularly relevant for gym-goers but also holds importance for individuals with home-based workout spaces. Gyms can become breeding grounds for germs due to the profuse sweating, heavy breathing, and shared equipment usage. To mitigate the risk, utilize disinfectant sprays available at the gym to clean equipment after use, and consider carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer for added protection. Don’t solely rely on the gym’s cleaning protocols to safeguard your health.
  4. Stay Hydrated: It goes without saying that proper hydration is paramount, yet sometimes people become so engrossed in their workouts that they neglect to replenish their fluids adequately. Drinking water during your gym sessions is essential, but remember to consume water throughout the day as well. Be cautious with sports drinks, which often contain unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup and artificial colorings. While they may be necessary for more strenuous workouts, choose wisely when to include them in your routine.
  5. Adopt a Well-Balanced Diet: Your body requires adequate fuel to support your exercise regimen. Ensure your diet is balanced and provides the necessary daily calories to complement your fitness routines. Consulting with a certified personal trainer can provide valuable dietary guidance.
  6. Prioritize Enjoyment: Workouts should not feel like a burdensome chore but rather an activity you eagerly anticipate. Keep your exercise routine dynamic and monitor your progress closely. The results you achieve will motivate you to return day after day.

By following these recommendations, you can maintain your health and fitness trajectory throughout the New Year, working towards your personal training goals, including your Florida personal trainer certification if that’s part of your ambition. Contact us to learn more.