13 June

How to stay Fit in the Gym in 2019

You’re creating the new you in 2019. You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions and are committed to being a part of the eight percent (8%) of people who actually achieve their goal.. Chances are that one of your ambitions entails exercising more— after all, the top resolution of most Americans was to improve their personal fitness and nutrition in the New Year.

With so many people wanting to exercise more, it’s important to keep in mind how to stay healthy while hitting the gym, so you can stay on track and avoid lapsing on your workouts because of illness or injury. Here are a few things you can do to help you stay Fit and on Track.

  • Make sure you have the proper equipment for your exercise (and know how to use it): Though it’s good to be creative to achieve your goals, you don’t want to be one of those people who use Fitness Equipment incorrectly—you may see yourself on a YouTube fail video, or could get hurt, which is much more cause for concern. If possible hire a Personal Trainer.
  • Make sure your equipment is safe and in good condition: Going along with the previous tip, you need to make sure all your equipment, from free weights to running shoes, are in good working condition. You could have the right equipment, but if it is in disrepair it could cause some serious damage or personal injury.
  • Make sure equipment is clean: This, especially, is for the gym-goers, but can also be important for those who have home gyms. Germs can easily spread through the gym with all the sweat, heavy breathing, and constant contact with shared equipment. Gyms should have some disinfectant spray that you should use to clean up after yourself. It also may be a good idea to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer around. Do not rely on the gym to maintain your health.
  • Drink plenty of Water: This should go without saying, but sometimes people are so in the zone that they forget to replenish their fluids effectively. Drinking water at the gym won’t be enough; you need to gulp up the Water throughout the day as well. Also, people tend to overdrink sports drinks, which are full of unhealthy things like corn syrup and food colorings. Sports drinks can be necessary, especially with more strenuous workouts, but not always, so just be smart in choosing when to drink them.
  • Follow a healthy diet: Your body needs fuel, make sure your diet is well balanced and proper daily calories with your daily exercise routines. Once again consult with a Personal Trainer if possible.
  • Most importantly have fun: Work outs should not be a second job or something you do not enjoy or look forward to. Change it up daily and monitor your progress. The results will keep you coming back day after day.

Follow these tips to keep your health on track in the New Year.