11 June

How to Exercise while traveling in 2019

Exercising on the road takes planning, discipline, flexibility and creativity. If you are a traveler who must
have everything ideal to work out? Forget it! In Travel, you will not have the ideal gym or fitness environment to get the job done. But regardless you must find the time and opportunity to maintain your health, weight, stress, jet lag and daily routine. Ideally choosing a Hotel with a Fitness center depends on the city and brand as to what you can expect. If you are used to treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals and don’t like the idea of walking or running outside in an unfamiliar city, make sure you check out the photos on their website before booking.

Keep in mind while traveling you can get a good workout in the room. It may not be the perfect situation, but it’s an exercise, not a reason to skip a workout. Most hotels have the equipment to borrow or you can pack a few items and better yet just complete a bodyweight workout. At NPTI Florida all our trainers are taught to think outside the box and be able to develop training programs for their traveling clients that will allow for creativity and keep them active while on the road.

Exercise and let lag seem like they just don’t mix! Any traveler who has experienced jet lag knows that exercise sometimes feels like the last thing we want to do. However, it is one of the most important ways to counteract the effects. Exercise and let the light in your room which will tell your body to “Get up and wake up”. So, no matter where your travel brings you or what hotel you’re at. You can find time to move your body. Safe travels from NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) locations.