11 June

How to Exercise While Traveling in 2019

Staying on track with your fitness goals while traveling demands careful planning, unwavering commitment, adaptability, and a touch of creativity. If you’re someone with a personal trainer certification or pursuing one, maintaining your exercise routine on the go is crucial. Let’s face it, finding the perfect gym or ideal fitness environment during your travels can be challenging. However, regardless of the circumstances, it’s imperative to prioritize your health, manage your weight, combat stress, conquer jet lag, and stick to your daily fitness regimen.

Selecting a hotel with a well-equipped fitness center largely depends on the city and the hotel brand. If you’re accustomed to utilizing equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, and ellipticals and prefer not to venture outdoors in an unfamiliar city for your workouts, it’s wise to scrutinize the hotel’s website for photos of their fitness facilities before making a reservation.

Keep in mind that you can still achieve an effective workout in the comfort of your hotel room. While it may not offer the ideal setting, it’s a viable option that should never deter you from staying active. Most hotels offer equipment that you can borrow, or you can bring along a few compact fitness items. Alternatively, you can rely solely on bodyweight exercises to ensure you stay on track. At NPTI Florida, our personal training certification programs instill a mindset of creativity in our trainers, enabling them to design tailored workout routines for their clients who are constantly on the move, ensuring they remain active even while traveling.

The combination of exercise and combatting jet lag might seem counterintuitive to some travelers. Those who’ve experienced jet lag firsthand understand that the last thing you may feel like doing after a long flight is working out. However, exercise is a potent weapon against the effects of jet lag. It not only helps stimulate your body but also synchronizes your internal clock with the local time. So, no matter where your travels take you or which hotel you find yourself in, remember that you can always find time to invigorate your body through exercise. Let the light into your room, signaling your body to “Get up and wake up.”

Wherever your travels may lead, whether it’s in Orlando or Tampa, NPTI Florida wishes you safe and active journeys, and if you’re considering a career in personal training, don’t forget to explore our Florida personal trainer certification programs to kickstart your fitness journey.