16 July


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Cryotherapy, a term derived from the Greek words “cryo” (cold) and “therapia” (healing), encompasses a therapeutic procedure that harnesses extremely low temperatures to deliver a range of health benefits. This innovative approach finds its roots in the late 1970s when a Japanese doctor initiated short-duration freezing sessions on patients’ skin surfaces to alleviate rheumatoid arthritis discomfort.

Remarkably, this brief exposure to extreme cold proved more advantageous than traditional ice baths, prompting further exploration and research in Europe over the past few decades. The result has been the establishment of whole body cryotherapy as a potent tool not only for athletic recovery but also as a treatment for various conditions and ailments.

Cryotherapy and Personal Training

At NPTI Florida, we emphasize the fundamental concept behind this technique, which revolves around the reduction of inflammation. Many of the health issues faced by our Personal Training clients stem from excessive inflammation within the body. To illustrate, consider a scenario where you twist your ankle or sustain a head injury – one of the initial responses as a Trainer is to apply ice to reduce swelling.

Here’s the science behind it: In an environment significantly colder than an ice bath, approximately 100 degrees colder, your body initiates a redirection of blood flow to the core, where vital organs reside. Simultaneously, blood vessels in the limbs constrict, decreasing blood flow to those muscle areas, thereby alleviating inflammation and associated pain. Subsequently, the highly oxygenated blood is circulated throughout the body. This process not only aids in reducing swelling and discomfort but has also been linked to increased metabolism, accelerated recovery times, mood enhancement, improved skin condition, and better sleep.

What sets cryotherapy apart is its efficiency – in just a quick 3-minute session, you can experience a comprehensive reduction in inflammation throughout your entire body. Yes, you read that correctly – a mere 3 minutes, a few times a week, and you’ll notice a remarkable difference in how you feel! At NPTI Florida, we’ve integrated the advantages of cryotherapy into our classroom lectures and student field trips, recognizing its value in the realm of personal training. Many personal trainers are now incorporating cryotherapy as a valuable component of their clients’ weekly sessions whenever possible, further enhancing the overall wellness and recovery journey.

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