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Basic Legal Agreements Every Personal Trainer Needs

03 May

If you love what you do as a personal trainer, you must do everything to protect your business going forward. Training clients as an NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) personal trainer, you get to meet exciting people and train in different Fitness centers. You will have a chance to transform the lives of your clients and make a great living out of it. The best part of your career is that it keeps you living a healthy lifestyle as well, i.e., you stay fit physically, and there is no shortage of career options. You can work in a big box facility or a small private fitness studio.

When you decide to branch out and start your own brand/business, you need to take care of the legal aspect as well. Like in any other sector or business, you need to learn how to manage clients, process all the legal matters, and schedule all the appointments. It may sound like a ton of work, but it is not, and to make things easy for you, NPTI Florida can help you create a list of legal agreements that can help you understand the legal side of the business and its significance.

Legal Forms For Personal Trainers

Legal agreements can protect you and your personal training business from undertaking any potential liability. Agreements like waivers and releases are contracts containing provisions and exculpatory clauses that dictate that one part is free from all sorts of liabilities during a contract.

Let us get the obvious out of the way first – no two personal trainers offer the same exact services. As a result, their requirement for paperwork will also vary. However, there are some essentials that we believe every personal trainer should have. Fortunately, you can find templates online for your legal forms in most cases and not create them from scratch. Your ultimate purpose is that you have every document to secure your business and protect your interests.

Liability Waiver

NPTI Florida graduates are familiar with waivers, as you will learn a liability waiver is one of the most important pieces of document for your personal training business states NPTI Florida owner Patrick Sherman. Whenever someone becomes your client, you need to ask them to sign this form. Imagine a scenario where your client is training and following your program design. Suddenly, the client gets injured and starts blaming you, threatening to sue you, what happens then? To avoid falling under such liabilities, you need to have a liability waiver signed by your client so that you can keep challenging them physically to help them achieve their fitness goals without having to worry about the legal penalties.

Insurance Policy

As a personal trainer, you must have an insurance policy. This policy is proof of insurance that enables you to show your employers and clients that you are a serious professional leaving no stone unturned. Many gyms require liability policies before they allow independent trainers to start working on their premises. Having an insurance policy is a must! If you are unsure where to purchase your insurance policy or some of the pre-requisites for getting one, talk to one of our advisors at NPTI Florida. We have guaranteed annual policy rates for all our graduate trainers Worldwide.

Personal Training Contract

We highly recommend for you have a personal training contract for your clients to execute. This is also called a personal training client agreement form, and it dictates policies related to session cancellations or rescheduled sessions, no-shows, late arrivals, refunds, and more so there are no awkward moments or misunderstandings between you and your client in the foreseeable future.

Goal Setting Forms

Clients who usually contract personal trainers have certain expectations and goals in mind they want to achieve. In order for you to guide your clients properly, it is important for you to know what these goals are and develop a fitness program that will help them achieve results. A goal-setting form will allow your client to see what is in front of them, keeping them motivated. Keeping this document, lets you revisit the program and make certain diet or fitness plan changes as needed.

PAR-Q Form

As a personal trainer, you need to make sure your client is physically capable of participating in your fitness program, and for that, you need a PAR-Q Form. It stands for “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire,” and it is a very standard form that every personal trainer has or should have. The form uses a simple checklist to help you determine if you can design a fitness program for your client or if your client has the physical endurance to participate. It also checks if your client needs to get a medical clearance before you start the program. The PAR-Q form is a must-have document for you as a personal trainer.

Consent and Disclaimer

As a personal trainer, you received proper education at NPTI Florida on how to design the perfect training program for your clients. You need to make sure the plan not only helps them achieve their fitness goals but also keeps them motivated and confident. An important thing here is to understand that your success does not depend on how much you have achieved for yourself but how much you can help others succeed. Demonstration of care and commitment towards your client re-affirms their faith towards their goals.

When working with a client, you need to be sure to have your client’s consent for this program. Fitness programs are physically intense. Make sure you have their consent for all the assessments, exercises, and tests you do with them.

Fitness Assessment Form

Now, this is also a very important form for personal trainers to have on file. As you may already know, there is more than one way to assess your clients, and it is your job to find the method that works best for them. You can find pre-designed fitness assessment forms on the internet or create your own branded form. It is always useful to add objective measures that can be rechecked to assess the progress. Ideally, a fitness assessment form checks for the stress test, strength, flexibility, weight, and walking tests. A fitness assessment form will also help your client measure their progress during the program.

Do These Forms Hold Up in a Court of Law?

We know what you are thinking, whether getting these documents to help your business and will they hold up in a court of law? The answer is a resounding YES! Let us look at a recent incident – a case in Pennsylvania where the liability waiver document made all the difference. The case was “Evans et al v. Fitness & Sports Clubs LLC,” and in it, the client broke her wrists during a suicide run. She filed a case against LA Fitness, but as she signed the waiver before getting into the program, LA Fitness was no longer liable.

This clearly shows that getting these documents signed and, in your possession, can help you face any legal charges and protect your assets. Think of these documents as insurance policies for your career.

All in All

Personal training is a rewarding career choice. It is not the easiest profession to be in, but it can definitely be a hugely exciting and a rewarding job. What can be more rewarding than working directly with people helping them attain a healthier lifestyle and better physique overall? But that does not mean it is right for everyone.

Do you have a passion for helping other people live a healthier lifestyle? Would you like to be a professional personal trainer and make a great living? If the answer is yes, you need to contact NPTI Florida and request a program overview and facility tour. To have a successful personal training career, accredited education from a licensed personal training school is critical. Remember, education is the foundation of all your skills and success. It also proves to your clients that you are a professional and that they are in safe hands.

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Personal Training For Veterans

05 April

Personal training is a distinguished career option for Veterans looking to transition to civilian life. Transitioning into the Fitness industry in which Veterans are already enthusiastic about. But like many career paths, just loving the subject is not enough to make you qualified to have a career in the field. Personal trainers often hold certifications or have specialized Health and Wellness education. NPTI Florida’s Level I and Level II programs are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans leave the military with a skill set that many Fitness facilities look for when hiring and these same skills also make for long term success as a trainer. Veterans are trained leaders capable of handling high-stress situations with determination. Veterans are also tactically trained and know the importance of maintaining physical readiness. Earning a personal training Diploma/certification is a way to ensure success as Veteran’s transition into the fitness industry.

Physical training is a part of a Veteran’s everyday life in the military. Veterans often live a healthy lifestyle and are natural motivators. They also relate well to the structure necessary for effectively implementing a fitness program. Veterans understand the benefits of an active lifestyle and are dedicated to helping others or serving for a healthier cause.

Personal Training Certifications For Veterans

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) has been offering personal training certifications for Veterans for over two decades. Soldiers transitioning from active duty can often find the change difficult to cope with and to help them transition back to civilian life. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is known as a Military Trusted Educational school for fitness.

Benefits like the Post 9/11 GI Bill has made higher education attainable. Based on the US Department of Veteran Affairs, if you have served at least three months on aggregate post 9/11 and remain on active duty or you were honorably discharged from duty, you are eligible for a veterans administered program. The 600 Hour Personal Training Diploma/certification is also approved FAFSA program. Veterans who apply and qualify for financial aid may be eligible for Pell grants and student loans beyond VA tuition benefits.

Personal training is a distinguished career choice for Veterans as they possess the discipline, skills, and persistence needed to be successful in the fitness industry. Most personal trainers love their job as they get to make a positive contribution to their client’s lives, something Veterans know so much about. Certifications provide the necessary education and assurance they need to gain clients trust when personal training.

NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is an accredited personal training school by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges. Owner Navy Veteran Pat Sherman has been helping Veterans transition into fitness careers for over 21 years, Veterans will gain the confidence and skills needed to become a Qualified educated personal trainer. We have undergone a rigorous accreditation process to ensure you receive nothing but exceptional development quality, and we meet the highest industry standards.

Financial Tuition Assistance for Veterans

As a Veteran owned school, we understand Veterans and specialize in the transition process. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) offers all Veterans eligible for education benefits offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are a Veteran looking to make a career as a certified personal trainer, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) can help you get started. Being a personal trainer is a fulfilling and profitable career, but without firsthand practical education which provides a thorough knowledge and real-world experience, one cannot achieve this career goal. To become a personal trainer, contact NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) for a FREE Veteran Transition Career guide today.

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Earning A Youth Fitness Trainer Certification

31 March

The youth fitness trainer is an experienced personal trainer who earns an additional certification responsible for helping youth in their physical development and well-being. This 200-hour certification is offered at NPTI Florida to specifically train our youth community. According to the State of Childhood Obesity, roughly one in six youth/children are classified as obese The data from the National Survey Children’s Heath show that in 2019-2020, 16.2% of youth ages 10-17 had obesity. Today’s busy society, complete with fewer home cooked meals and an abundance of time spent in front of the computer, cell phone, gaming console, and Covid-19 pandemic has caused childhood obesity rates to soar.

An accredited school for personal training, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) offers a 200-hour Youth Fitness Certification program to educate and train certified personal trainers to help impact lives both today and far into the future. NPTI Florida is leading the industry with accredited youth fitness education/certification. This youth fitness certification is designed to educate and train industry personal trainers to help children get active and make better lifestyle choices. This program will show how certified personal trainers can motivate, instruct, and coach kids in the elementary school ages level to get fit, improve their overall health, and boost their self-esteem. As a National Personal Training Institute youth fitness trainer, gaining the certification will guide trainers to design and implement creative personal training programs that will provide direction, structure, and strategies to encourage a healthy way of living. Most importantly, however, trainers will ensure that the youth fitness programs implemented are developmentally appropriate and safe for a child’s developing body.

Certified personal trainers who specialize in training our youth know that children require special considerations due to growth and the immaturity of their physiologic regulatory systems. NPTI Florida teaches the fitness standards for youth to include at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, half of which should be vigorous. Youth fitness programs may be implemented to help children lose weight, become more active, achieve fitness goals, and excel in sports. Whatever the reason, however, a few things must always be considered when designing and implementing a training program for children. Because the bones of the body do not fully fuse until we reach young adulthood, protecting the growth plates should always be a concern. Any injury to the growth plates can impact a child’s future growth and leave them susceptible to future injuries.

Trainers can help reverse this troubling trend by getting kids and adolescents moving through safe, effective, and age-appropriate strategies for physical fitness. Visit NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) today and see why we are the largest ACCSC Accredited Personal Training School in the country offering Next Generation Personal Training Education. Visit our website to learn more about the requirements to earn a youth fitness certification. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.

How do You Become a Certified Personal Trainer?

24 February

Are you obsessed with fitness? Do you like to help others? Do you spend a lot of time in the gym? Are you wondering what a pt. certification is? If the answer to all these is yes, then you should consider becoming a certified personal trainer. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of certified personal trainers and instructors is projected to grow 39 percent from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average for all occupations. About 69,100 openings for personal trainers and instructors are projected each year, on average, over the decade. Many of those opportunities are expected to result from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations or exit the labor force, such as to retire. Due to the expected increase in the personal training profession post COVID-19, it is more crucial than ever to understand and earn a pt. certification from the most reputable personal training school NPTI Florida, to ensure you are the best qualified and educated trainer in the business.

For starters, as is the case with most professions, it’s a must to have formal Accredited education.

Prospective Trainers

Fitness is not a fad; it is a way of life and the more we learn about the benefits of Fitness each day, the more it proves the importance a personal trainer can play in Health and Wellness program. A career as a certified personal trainer has benefits for every one of every level, whether someone is seeking six pack abs or is struggling with excess weight or obesity, you, as a certified personal trainer, can be their new fitness coach and asset to help achieve their goals.

It may seem intimidating to switch careers and start a new rewarding fitness career but NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) helps answer the question “how do you become a personal trainer?” and “what is a pt. certification?” by providing prospective students with the steps for success. You can enroll in a personal training certification or apply for a personal training diploma. To climb the personal training ladder quickly and ensure a long successful career, a commitment to a licensed accredited personal training school is imperative, NPTI Florida will help guide you through the process and mentor you as you grow your client base and choose your specialty at graduation. The school provides plenty of career opportunities Nationwide and will assist graduates with Job placement. Personal trainers can design tailored regimens and specific diet plans depending on their client’s health history reports. NPTI Trainers are always available to innovate and adopt new training techniques. Top notch studios and fitness centers hire those who’ve obtained a formal education. NPTI’s Florida (Orland/Tampa) 600-hour diploma program is designed to equip graduate trainers with the mandatory tools to thrive.

Any educational investment you make now will reward you in the future. Visit our website to learn more about enrolling to become a personal trainer and earn your pt. certification. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.

Winter Workout Tips from Top Certified Personal Trainers

07 February

Becoming a certified/educated personal trainer is more than learning the fundamentals of the body, it also involves health coaching of your clients. Your clients will look to you as the health and wellness expert to help them stay the course, remain motivated. That will especially be true in the winter as cold temperatures or snow can put a damper on your workouts and motivation. Hiring a certified personal trainer near you may be the push you need to stay focused on your goals during this challenging weather. Programs need to be modified during colder climate workouts. Trainers from NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) provide experience and expertise to transition your outdoor workouts during the winter months. Before you do anything, understand the conditions you are working with and check the forecast before heading outside. Temperature, wind and moisture, along with the length of time that you’ll be outside, are key factors in planning a safe cold-weather fitness routine.


Top NPTI Florida personal trainers share how to stay warm in the winter Wear appropriate base layers. Layers are very important with outdoor sports in the winter. They can help you regulate body temperature and keep you dry. Wool or wool blended materials should be used as your first base layer. Wool and wool blended materials regulate body temperature even when they are wet or sweaty and pull moisture away from your skin. This can help protect you from hypothermia. Many distance runners and other endurance athletes suffer from hypothermia when their clothing becomes wet or sweaty and they slow down their pace or stop. Being outside on a cold day in wet clothing can make you succumb to the elements much faster, preventing you from finishing your workout or competition early and jeopardizing your personal health. This also includes not overdressing. Bulky coats will make you sweat faster and soak through your base layers. Choose a lightweight insulated vest that breathes better than a heavy coat. Don’t forget your hats and gloves. Our certified personal trainers remind you to cover your head and hands. Most of our body heat is lost through the head so wearing a hat can help you retain your body heat longer allowing you to stay outdoors in the cooler temps longer without endangering yourself. If you are not a fan of hats, a large wide headband that covers the top of your forehead and your ears can also help you retain body heat and be less restrictive than a hat. Gloves should be windproof and lined. Some individuals like wearing wool blended glove liners under a lightweight glove for extra warmth and less bulk.


Many individuals forget to stay hydrated and will not drink because they are cold and don’t feel thirsty. Dehydration can happen even when it’s cold outside. Dehydration can affect performance, stamina, and efforts in addition to causing cramping and GI distress. If you will be outside when temperatures are below freezing, remember to put your hydration bottle or flask in an insulated encasement so that your water doesn’t freeze. Remembering to take a sip every few minutes, not overdoing it is important. No matter how much water you gulp down, your body tends to only be able to absorb three to four ounces at a time. Some people don’t feel as thirsty during cold-weather workouts as they do during warmer-weather workouts but you’re still losing fluids through sweat and breathing in lower temperatures. And you still need to replace those fluids by drinking water.


Our NPTI Florida certified personal trainers advise that you must know the signs of frostbite and hypothermia. Frostbite is most common on exposed skin, such as your cheeks, nose and ears. It can also occur on hands and feet. Early warning signs include numbness, loss of feeling or a stinging sensation. Hypothermia is abnormally low body temperature. When working outside in the cold, your body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced. Signs of hypothermia are intense shivering, slurred speech and fatigue.


Know what time of day works best for you to exercise. Check your schedule and plan a consistent time every day or every other day to exercise. If you plan to exercise in the morning, lay out your gear the night before. If you can plan to be active during your lunch hour, pack snacks, drinks and your lunch the night before. Our NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) certified personal trainers suggest grabbing a buddy for a workout or scheduling a training session. This extra step will keep you accountable and remind you of the goals you set with your trainer. Having someone to frequently exercise with also opens the doors of opportunity to trying something new.

These are just a few ideas to help winterize your outdoor workouts so that you can enjoy the winter and continue working toward your goals. Visit NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) today and see why we are the largest ACCSC Accredited Personal Training School in the country offering Next Generation Personal Training Education.

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NPTI Florida’s Reasons Why You Should Be Getting More Vitamin D Found Right Here in Florida!

17 January

Scientific studies have found that vitamin D can help promote a healthy immune system and may protect against respiratory conditions> Vitamin D is sometimes the forgotten supplement. We were all told as kids to “Drink our Milk”, but never really understood the importance. Interestingly. Floridians and residents of other sunny areas tend to have less Vitamin D deficiencies than people from areas with little sunlight (this is especially true in the winter months- when sunlight is scarce). The sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for Vitamin D synthesis to occur. The Sun is your best source of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays several other important roles in the body, including:

  • Promoting a healthy immune system
  • Supporting brain and nervous system health
  • Promoting respiratory health
  • Supporting lung function and cardiovascular healthy
  • Promoting calcium absorption
  • Building and maintaining healthy bones and teeth
  • influencing the expression of genes involved in the development of cancer
  • Regulating insulin levels and supporting the management of diabetes
  • May help prevent the development of asthma, eczema, and other allergic diseases in children
  • May reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • May decrease risk of seasonal flu
  • Can help support restful sleep
  • May promote healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • May naturally boost testosterone
  • May suppress appetite and boost weight loss
  • May improve athletic performance and energy

Why You Should Be Getting More Vitamin D
As we get older, it is more difficult for the human body to synthesize vitamin D. Additionally, deficiency can also arise due to insufficient exposure to sunlight, poor diet, obesity, IBS, and other factors.

Top Natural Sources of Vitamin D:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Cod Liver Oil
  • Salmon
  • Trout
  • Sardines
  • Herring
  • Beef Liver
  • Canned Tuna
  • Mushrooms (Wild or Treated with UV Light)
  • Egg Yolks
  • Cow’s Milk

Another option is high quality supplementation, including supplementing with cod liver oil. This is a favorite among many, as it also contains Omega 3 fatty-acids and vitamin A. Always follow recommended dosing since too much of some nutrients can be harmful. If you are uncertain, consult with a physician or nutritionist.

Considering a career in the Health and Wellness industry? Contact National Personal Training Institute today. Visit or call us at 407-772-0057.

New Year, New You!

04 January

It’s time to make your dream of becoming a personal trainer in Florida a reality. This unpredictable year maybe has had you question your dreams, your current situation and may have left you wondering, “how can I become a personal trainer in Florida?” The 600-hour Diploma program at NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) can help you land a rewarding Fitness Career at graduation. Nationwide opportunities. By becoming a qualified educated personal trainer, it can boost both your fitness and career goals. Clients reach out to hire personal trainers for a variety of reasons. Many people want to lose weight to feel better and have more energy. Other potential clients might be returning to fitness after an injury and need help adapting their workouts to support a specific recovery plan such as shoulder rehabilitation or knee and hip replacement. Some fitness fanatics may be looking for a coach to train them for a fitness competition and want to be more competitive. A personal training diploma from NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) gives you the educational knowledge and client practical experience to guarantee clients fitness goals. Our program allows you to train many types of populations.

When you attend and become a personal trainer in Florida, our NPTI graduates can use their valuable blend of education and practical experience to keep clients engaged and motivated during workout sessions. They also have a variety of nutrition-related behaviors conducive to health and well-being to help support their client’s nutrition goals. Home workouts have become very popular and look to continue their popularity into 2022, but clients still need a trainer to guide and motivate them, while holding them accountable to achieve their fitness goals. Equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, and weighted ropes can add some variety to any strength training workout routine while training clients remotely. Plyometric exercises that utilize your own body weight for resistance can be an effective method for home training as well. By becoming a personal trainer through NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa), trainers are specialists in a variety of training modalities and do not have to rely on a traditional gym setting to train their clients and build their personal training business.

Part of the curriculum to become a personal trainer through NPTI Florida will provide support recovery and injury prevention so clients can train harder and push past their own personal limitations without increasing their risk of injury. Hiring a qualified educated personal trainer can guarantee results driven workouts, making them more effective. Working out more effectively and with proper form allows you to achieve the results you want. Personal trainers can help create an individualized training plan specific to your personal fitness goals. NPTI Florida personal trainers will monitor clients’ workouts and track progress making necessary adjustments along the way.

A Personal Training Diploma from NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) can help you achieve your own fitness goals as well as offering you a rewarding career in the 2022 New Year. Visit NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) today and see why we are the largest ACCSC Accredited Personal Training School in the country offering Next Generation Personal Training Education.

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How to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

18 December

As you become a certified personal trainer, almost every single one of your clients will be tempted to stray from the goals you set together, around the holidays. While most people think of a personal trainer as someone who helps manage the gym equipment or provides motivation, it also involves creating a food plan to help clients achieve their goals. Your job as a certified personal trainer includes advising clients on eating habits, track their goals, assist them in difficulties, and provide them with appropriate guidance towards their goals.

Personal trainers are required to be on top of their game all the time. As you become a certified personal trainer, you need to have all the information regarding different diet plans, food programs, and the latest technology and equipment. Being on the cutting edge of rising nutrition and fitness trends can allow personal trainers to prevent their clients from injuring themselves and meet their nutritional goals. Obviously, if an individual reduces his or her daily caloric intake and increase physical activity, it will create an energy deficit and force the body to tap into stored fat. That does not mean that your client would need to eat less than what they do now. It means knowing and being aware of what the body is consuming. As an expert personal trainer, your job will require you to create diet plans for your clients that are healthy and tasty.

It is why it is recommended to a earn your certification from a reputable personal training accreditation like NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa). Our 100 Hours nutrition course is taught by college professors, and it is part of the classroom core content which is classified as nutrition consultation for the healthy population. Becoming a personal trainer by earning certification or personal training diploma will give personal trainers an undeniable edge and be able to speak on many subjects your clients will look for you to offer guidance.

Helping Clients Eat Healthier During the Holidays

Let’s be honest, the holidays throw everything off: schedules, routines, discipline, but they don’t have to. Since your clients will not be in control of the food they are served, you need to have a plan. Here are some of our most helpful ways to eat healthy during the holidays.

  • If you are invited to a party offer to bring a healthy dish that you will eat so you can trust you will have a safe and delicious option.
  • Eat close to your usual times to keep your blood sugar steady. If your meal is served later than normal, eat a small snack at your usual mealtime and eat a little less when dinner is served.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. You will not make good decisions if you show up to an event or meal starving.
  • Make sure you are eating throughout the day and choose more foods that promote better appetite control, like high fiber foods, lean proteins and healthy fats.
  • Eat a high protein breakfast
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day and before eating
  • Load up on high fiber foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains
  • Curb afternoon cravings with a handful of nuts
  • Limit sugary foods like candies, desserts and refined grains
  • If you have a sweet treat, cut back on other carbs (like potatoes and bread) during the meal.
  • Don’t skip meals to save up for a feast. It will be harder to manage your blood sugar, and you’ll be hungry and more likely to overeat.
  • If you slip up, get right back to healthy eating with your next meal. One choice doesn’t have to ruin the day. Forgive yourself and move on.

How to Indulge over the Holidays

Yes, you can indulge over the holidays! In fact, we recommend it! It may look a little different, but it will feel rewarding. Schedule me time every day—a nap, walk the dog, a hot bath to feed your need to indulge. These moments can be best ways to self-care and will make you feel better than a piece of cake. Best of all, it will reinforce your hard work and discipline and help you stay committed to your goals.

Most of all, remember your why. Remembering why you made the call to the personal trainer in the first place may be what it takes for you to stay on point during the holidays. You made a commitment to your personal trainer and most of all, to yourself. Change is not the most comfortable process and by working with a certified personal trainer, you have made the first step toward change.

Become a Certified Personal Trainers and Learn about Nutrition

18 November

With the holidays approaching, the role of certified personal trainers is more crucial than ever. There are more holiday parties to attend, clients are out of their routine and there is always a reason to celebrate. Becoming a certified personal trainer in Florida, it’s important to know the difference between the theoretical and practical situations when you’re faced with a scenario in everyday life. Theory exists on paper, which must be applied in a pragmatic situation.

Requirements for Certified Personal Trainers

As part of the NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) requirements for becoming a Qualified certified personal trainer includes 100 Hours of nutrition. It is taught by college professors & it is part of the classroom core content which is classified as Nutrition consultation for the healthy population. Learning to become a personal trainer through a DOE Licensed and Federally funded school will give you the education and confidence to answer any of your clients’ questions whether they are exercise related or nutrition based. Completing the 600-hour ACCSC Accredited personal training diploma will give you an undeniable edge.

Given the nature of the Fitness industry, the role of a personal trainer involves being at the receiving end of several health-related concerns. Likely queries will revolve around two fundamental concerns: one is exercising techniques and the other is nutrition.
You may have heard sayings like, ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘abs are made in the kitchen’. These are not merely frivolous phrases, but testament to how important food is for health and wellness. Therefore, the provision of sound nutritional advice is imperative. Your clients look for you to guide them to success and becoming an expert in your profession by understanding what it takes to become a personal trainer in Florida.

Exercising is no longer just about using equipment. A conscientious diet plan must be adhered to in order to achieve the best results. Becoming a Certified personal trainer means you must have the nutritional knowledge as most trainers have started to offer their clients detailed meal plans. For instance, a workout regimen may involve variations in exercise. One day may be dedicated to upper body and the following day may focus on your lower body. It is equally significant to supplement workouts with meal plans. A strict program of small, protein heavy diet may be conjured up, for instance.

How Do You Become a Personal Trainer?

At NPTI (Orlando/Florida), we offer a 600-hour personal training Diploma certification in Florida. The Fitness industry has changed over the years, and we continue to evolve by offering Next Generation Personal Training Education. Our 600 hours of hours of accredited education will give our graduates the competitive edge against other industry trainers. We want to see you succeed, grow your business and we feel confident that the diploma you earn at NPTI Florida (Orland/Tampa) will give you the best experience possible for becoming a successful certified personal trainer in Florida.

Visit our website to learn more about the requirements to become a personal trainer. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.

Personal Training Certification for Veterans in Florida

03 November

Every November we celebrate Veteran’s Day, but at NPTI, Florida, we celebrate veterans every day. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is veteran owned, operated and staffed daily. Our program trains you to become a qualified educated certified personal trainer in Florida and Nationwide. We have been educating and placing career trainers in the fitness industry for over 20 years. NPTI Florida encourages all active duty, reservist, and transitioning veterans using Veteran Benefits to visit the Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within the military service and request a (COE) Certificate of Eligibility. We accept many Veteran benefits offered by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Becoming a certified personal trainer (in Florida) is a natural transition from your military service to the next chapter of your life.

You may be asking yourself how do you become a certified personal trainer in Florida? NPTI is proud of the active-duty personnel, reservists and veterans who attend our personal trainer certification program. Many of us have walked in your shoes, and we understand the sacrifices you have made for our country. In fact, you will find veterans everywhere at NPTI Florida and can access one another as a resource for what it takes to become a personal trainer in Florida. It’s because of our first-hand knowledge that we go the extra mile to make you feel at home and provide you with the services and support you may need to be a successful student and graduate.

At National Personal Training Institute, certifications are not just meant for the up-and-coming fitness trainers. In fact, NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) has been offering personal training and educational certifications for veterans for over two decades. Soldiers transitioning from active duty can often find the change difficult to cope with and to help them transition back to civilian life. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is known as a Military Trusted Educational school for Fitness.

In accordance with data provided by the United States Department of Labor, veteran unemployment rate was at 4% in early 2018. To combat this issue and help veterans transition into civilian life, NPTI offers a Personal Training Diploma program. Veterans have an advantage over other professions who dream of becoming certified personal trainers. They already fulfill plenty of the prerequisites necessary to acquire the education/certificate. To serve on active duty, veterans must maintain physical fitness standards and have a great work ethic. Graduation from this Accredited program guarantees an opportunity for high-income potential.

Benefits like the Post 9/11 GI Bill has made higher education attainable. Based on the US Department of Veteran Affairs, if you have served at least three months on aggregate post 9/11 and remain on active duty or you were honorably discharged from duty, you are eligible for a veterans administered program. The 600 Hour Personal Training certification is an approved FAFSA program. Veterans who apply and qualify for Financial Aid may be eligible for Pell grants and loans.

For instance, the student housing offered at NPTI Orlando, Florida qualifies for (BAH) to all veterans enrolled at NPTI even if they are coming from out of state or an international country. NPTI Florida (Orlando/Tampa) is a proud member of veteran owned business. You can easily see why NPTI offers the most reputable personal training certification you can receive in Florida.

Visit our website to learn more about the requirements to become a personal trainer. Please call or text 407-772-0057 to schedule a FREE class. Veterans also work out for FREE anytime.