Patrick Sherman

Owner/VA Educational Specialist

Patrick is the CEO of NPTI Florida with Orlando and Tampa locations. NPTI has been Educating and placing career trainers in the Fitness industry for over 17 years. NPTI Florida is Veteran owned and operated.

Before devoting his time to NPTI fulltime, Patrick was a custom home builder/consultant real estate professional.

After serving in the US Navy, Patrick worked as a consultant directly with the US and foreign military forces. His team was responsible for fleet readiness and ensuring quality control and flight safety modifications during Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Secret-Top Secret security clearances where held. Traveled extensively Worldwide and lived in 9 countries for a 10-year period of time.

In addition to being a Sales and Marketing consultant for The Personal Trainer Zone. Patrick works with individual and Fitness Studio owners to grow sales by finding over looked opportunities and customizing the sales process. Patrick also offers secret shopping reports to gym owners Nationwide. You can reach Patrick at